"Building And Releasing People For Endtime Harvest
Fresh Fire Worldwide Ministries (FFWM)


Q: What books are available?

A: 1. The Power of Divine Increase. For a donation of $7, The Power of Influence $10

Q: List of Tapes, CD's DVD,s available!!!

A: Tapes are available for a $5.00 donation

The following tapes,cd's Dvd's are available:

Is Micah in Your Way?;
Fly like an Eagle;
The Set Time of God;
Your hair will grow again;
Stay Your Course;
The Gifts of Healings;
Benefits In Christ;
Faith Series;
Grace Series;
The day of the trees;
Paul who was Saul Series
and many more...

Q: How can I support or request for materials?

A: You write to us at Fresh Fire Worldwide Ministries Inc., P.O. Box 3578 Merrifield Va. 22116
Tel: 703-289-9998
Fax: 703-289-9923
E-Mail: freshfirevirginia@yahoo.com

Q: How can we fulfill this mission?

A: Through the generous free will contribution of people like you who understand the value and the importance of a soul.Our Church body is a given body and we encourage people everywhere who believe in the great commission to help us get the job done.

Q: What is our Vision and Mission?

A: To reach the whole world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through media, books, tapes, crusades, and any avenue necessary for the common good of mankind. To build people up through teaching and release them for the end time Harvest.